Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Why Fickleness?

Well I've finally succumbed under pressure from new blogger friend (that's an old friend new to blogging not an old blogger new to friendship)to write my own blog. Just because she can always find something witty and entertaining to say on a regular basis she seems to think that I should be able to do so also. Humph!

Anyhoo, why Fickleness as a title? Well as I was explaining to said friend, I have always been rather fickle in my interests and obsessions. Obviously some interests never go away, like reading, watching tv, using the computer endlessly, but I have had some rather erratic pastimes in recent years which have begun slowly, reached a crescendo of obsessive like proportions before fading away to oblivion - fickle eh?
These have included making reborn dolls (google it!), playing online poker (hmmmm very fickle that one) and playing non stop on my DSLite.

My current fickleness is growing my own veg! Yes, an outdoor interest for once which doesn't involving sitting on backside and not moving much! I have this terrible urge to grow all kinds of vegetables in my 'ickle back garden - well in pots actually. Hopefully this ficklenss will last at least until the last vegetable has been picked....