Thursday, 24 February 2011

Some of me poems (sorry Pam Ayres!)

Becky’s jumper

I’m knitting you a jumper, don’t suppose you’ll like it much
(The yarns a little scratchy and a little rough to touch)
I’m spending all my time on it, all else has gone to pot
No cooking, cleaning, housework, (though I never did a lot)
It looks a little holey, where I dropped a stitch or two,
The pattern is so tricky I find it hard to do.
It’s in your favourite colour – at least I got that right
(Don’t worry if it’s baggy and the arms are slightly tight)
I know that you will love it, cos it was made by me
If you only wear it when you’re home, your friends won’t need to see!

Cos They Live Here No More

The presents are wrapped,
Cards stuck to the door,
But it don’t feel the same
Cos they live here no more

I'm laying the table,
Preparing the food
Going through the motions,
But not in the mood

Can choose what's on the telly
Where to sit, where to eat
You’d think that would feel good
But it’s not much of a treat

Not much washing
Less food to buy
They can’t see my sadness
Or hug me when I cry

But they’re coming home for Christmas!
Staying for twelve days
But in my heart they’ll be here
For ever and always