Thursday, 8 July 2010

Okay, an update on my veggies. I have had a total of 4 strawberries so far and....that's it! The courgettes and runner beans appear to be suffering from lack of pollination. The flowers are falling off the runner bean plants without leaving an 'ickle runner bean behind, and the courgettes are dropping off before forming properly-both of these problems, I have been informed, are due to lack of pollination.

Lack of pollination must mean lack of bees, yes? Then how come I trod on the "one and only" bee in my garden this afternoon!!!! Let me tell you treading on a bee (in bare feet, no less) is not a very clever thing to do. What was it doing on the ground when it could have had the pick of the bean flowers and courgette flowers anyway! Anyhoo, I trod right on the bee, the bee fought back in the only way it knew how, and I was left limping and running for relief of some kind into the kitchen. I tried: plunging foot in cold water with ice cubes added, then resting my foot on an ice block from the freezer, then dabbing with vinegar (?!?)frantically searching the internet and then, embarrassingly phoning NHS direct:

ME: "I've just been stung by a bee-how long until I go into anaphalactic shock?"

IRRITATINGLY PATIENT NURSE: "Do you have a rash? Do you tingle? Have your lips swollen? Do you feel sick? Can you breathe???? Do you feel you are about to collapse?"

ME:"Er no, no, no, no, yes, nooooo"

IRRITATINGLY PATIENT NURSE: "Well you'll probably be okay then - take a painkiller"

ME: "Okay, sorry to trouble you......thanks....."

And I hang up... the only thing redder than the tiny bump on my toe being my face..oh and the tomatoes (unless they need fertilizing too?).

But, hey, thats what NHS direct is for isnt it? OK, maybe not.

Well at least Ive learnt my lesson not to venture into the wild outdoors with no shoes on.

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  1. Ouch! At least you didn't go to A&E so your redness of face wasn't witnessed.

    I quite often have bees lurking in the grass, not sure why, but luckily for me, I ALWAYS, without fail, wear something on my feet. But some things have to be learnt the hard way I guess.

    I have no idea what you can do to attract bees to your veggies - what about catching the ones that end up in the house and releasing them directly onto what you want pollinating? Bees seem to have no problems finding their way into my house, so if you have trouble gathering your own, I'll post you the ones I catch!