Monday, 19 July 2010

Beans, beans, overrun with runners!

Well, all good things come to those who wait! I have been eating runner beans everyday for the last few days-at last they came! I think it was a change in the weather after all and a drop of rain cooled the plants and enabled the flowers to set and form runner beans (ooh get me, quite the expert!)

Have managed to convince OH that NOT all runner beans are completely inedible, tasting as if totally made from string. MY runner beans are delicate little dinky, stringless beans (I think I pick them so early, due to my impatience - see Bitter Pepper later!)that they don't get a chance for any string nonsense.

Bitter pepper - yeuchk! couldn't wait to pick my lovely green pepper - what a disappointment, really bitter and horrid. Since found out picked far too early.....

Still, plenty to look forward to. Hand pollinated the one and only decent looking courgette this morning. There have been some promising looking courgettes but they always seem to shrivel and drop off (!) and I think this is due to lack of pollination. So this morning I took the male flower and shoved it into the female flower (no foreplay or anything....) and hopefully that's done the this space.

At the moment have runner beans daily, the odd strawberry (and I mean odd...) the hope of courgettes, a few teeny peppers coming again, the beginning of chilli peppers, plenty of tomatoes-just none of them red yet!, a cucumber plant that I have no idea how that develops, some dwarf beans, about three pea pods (no glut there then) and some more runner bean plants.

Yummy, yummy, yum!!!!


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  2. Be wary of the cucumber!

    In the dusty recesses of my mind, I seem to recall something about female cucumbers being the ones to eat. If you try eating a male cucumber, you'll end up thinking fondly of how tasty the Bitter Pepper was (A lesson I learnt (while sober, might I add...) some time ago). I have a vague memory of something to do with a flower. I strongly urge you to do a bit of research.

    And what sort of therapist does it make you if you're not advocating foreplay? That poor courgette flower - sheesh!

    Word verification - unces: Hopefully unces enough to pollinate the courgette flower, seeing as there was no foreplay.