Thursday, 12 August 2010

Everything in the garden's rosy (Huh??)

Well I have become really hooked on this vegetable growing lark. So far to date have picked loads of runner beans, a few ripe tomatoes (plenty more to come), a couple of chillies (reliably informed by OH that they are going from completely tasteless to getting a bit of heat in them), some radishes (which I've just discovered nobody in the family likes), some really tasty mini cucumbers (which everyone likes), a very bitter pepper (but loads more growing which I have patiently left to ripen), a few courgettes (of which there will probably be many more to come) and a few strawberries (which have now finished but have thrown up many runners which I am going to use next year).

I also have dwarf french beans which haven't even flowered yet, a couple of aubergines which I am restraining myself from picking too early, and a butternut squash plant which is probably much too late to expect to flower and yield an actual butternut squash.

Oh and some lettuce.

Oh and yesterday I remembered to look at the blackberry wilderness at the bottom of the garden and found some ripe blackberries too - so here's a picture of yesterdays total harvest

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